Feeling stuck? Like there’s an invisible wall around you holding you back?

Is going back to ‘normal’ freaking you out? Ready for a NEW NORMAL?

Wonder what else you’re capable of? Want to take the brakes off & find out?

Hey, I’m Cassy.

Why I’m a coach & what that means for you.

Short version is I have a mission burning inside of me for a NEW NORMAL. One in which we actually like ourselves again & where we don’t rush around trying to impress everyone with our busy lives! For years I’ve listened to women who could tell me everything they loved about their best friend & struggled to think of a handful of things they liked about themselves. This – I believe is our OLD normal and it’s time to shake that up. I don’t know about you but I’m over it. It didn’t work for our mums & it ain’t working for us.

My mission is to see women lead from our hearts. Imagine a world where we knew that we deserved love & success in what we do. Where we didn’t compete with anyone because we see that we all have our own unique gifts to offer this world & there is enough success to go around. Yeah how good does that sound?

You have your own unique light to shine in this world & we all want to see it. And when we see that we are inspired to light up too. You can read about how this mission came to life here. But if so far you’re thinking – hell yes – I want a cheer leader for a bit until I can become my own or I would love another voice that reminds me of my power to add to my own – I’m here for you woman!

A calm & inspired way to wake up. Ease into your day with intention & get right into living with PURE FLOW. Join us on zoom for this free wake up call every Wednesday morning 6-6:30am before the rest of the world wakes up.

More Wake Up.

Align & Design: Looking to launch/relaunch/get a fresh look for your business? Don’t just get a new look, get a refresh from the inside out so your business evolves with you. Graphic Design included!

Business Group: Round table coaching sessions with like minded business women.

Business Coaching: One on one sessions tailored to what you need in your business. These sessions are all about elevating your business to the next level.

More Business

I am a personal mindset coach. I have transformed my life personally from the inside to the outside & I know what it takes (daily) to do so. You can read about that here. Where do you feel stuck? Let’s reinvent that part of your life together… Weight? How you see yourself? Relationships? Helping your kids? It’s never too late for a plot twist baby! 

More Mindset

I trust Cassy with all my branding and digital designs as she understands me and my style. I love working with her on this as it’s usually done over a coffee or rosè with lots of laughter and cheers because what’s more exciting than seeing your passion and brand come to life.

I like to think of Cassy as my own personal cheerleader. She cheers me on for the wins and pushes me further when she knows I have more left in the tank.

Sarah Laney - Glow by Sarah

I am a small business owner in the tech space and I am the first to admit when I suck at something and the creative landscape - I suck at.
When first meeting Cass we clicked, we love our life, family & wine. She is an incredible listener and always asks the right questions.
From the first brief I gave her & 23 briefs later her creative mind, know-how & the execution in what she delivers is amazing. She gets my brand and what I am trying to say thru an image and is able to deliver above and beyond my expectation - I highly recommend her.

Michelle Bowditch - Door20A

I attended one of the Elevation Board workshops earlier in the year. I loved the balance of working on your own project, reflecting on your own values and goals and finding ways to express it creatively that have meaning to you while at the same time chatting to other women and enjoying yummy coffee and treats. My elevation board is hanging on my wall above my bed now and I love looking at it daily and being drawn to different sayings/pictures. Thanks so much, you do wonderful work

Reinhild Rensen

Cass honey - you are such a beautiful soul. What you have done for me and my business in such a short period of time is unbelievable. Where have you been all my life beautiful woman. I can see how your infectious energy makes everyone feel so comfortable - another reason why I love you is because my girls also adore you. Thank you for being you and being there for me.

Caroline Sinna - Caroline Sinna Studio

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