Our mission, if you choose to accept it…

This isn’t about me, this is about us. But if I was you I’d want to know who I am first…

I’m Cassy. Once upon a time at the fresh age of 23 I became an Art Director on the v small & fabulous team of women that launched one of Australia’s fastest growing magazines. This incredible bunch changed the way we consumed fashion & beauty in this country. I lead a fast paced team of designers & after years of that whirlwind life I had a bub & decided to slow it right down.

I totally transformed my life, I became a mama & started working for myself as a mobile bra fitter. After 10 years of loving life, leading women in business & helping thousands of women feel comfortable in their clothes – I started to feel a mission rising within me to see them also feel comfortable in their own skin. I saw first-hand what is a way too accepted norm in our country – that deep down a lot of women don’t really even like themselves, in fact we don’t even see that as strange.

I’m on a mission to show women how amazing we actually are. Together & as individuals we are capable of pretty much anything we choose. We aren’t men, & we don’t have do things ‘the way they are done’ – once we embrace our own power we have no need to compete or compare ourselves to anyone.

I see every women in their highest potential & my absolute burning desire is for them to see that too. So I became the closest thing I could find to a cheerleader without the high kicks – I became a coach. I went first by transforming my life again from the inside and def on the outside & now I show women how to do the same. How to love themselves, how their minds work, how good they really are & I throw the love around because we need more of that too. Its’ time to stop holding ourselves back & start living in our fullest, brightest light & when we do we show others they can do the same. I believe women are leaders, we lead from the heart in families, in communities, we lead countries & companies. But we need to learn to love & lead ourselves first.

If you need a cheer leader for a bit until you can become your own or if you just love another voice that reminds you of your power to add to yours – I’m here for you woman!